Mynd ymlaen i’r prif gynnwys
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Cipolwg ar y cyfleusterau

  • Toilets
  • Parking
  • ATM
  • Ticket Office
  • Wifi
  • Ticket machine
  • Step free access
  • Refreshment facilities
  • General service information
    • Staffing Level
    • Closed Circuit Television
    • Information Available From Staff
    • Information Services Open
    • CIS
    • Customer Help Points
  • Ticket buying and collection
    • Ticket Office
    • Prepurchase Collection
    • Ticket Machine
    • Oystercard Issued
    • Use Oystercard
    • Always Show Oyster Card Fields
    • Smartcard Issued
    • Smartcard Validator
    • Smartcard Comments
    • Penalty Fares
  • All station facilities
    • First Class Lounge
    • Seated Area
    • Trolleys
    • Station Buffet
    • Toilets
    • Baby Change
    • Showers
    • Telephones
    • Wi Fi
    • Web Kiosk
    • Post Box
    • Tourist Information
    • Atm Machine
    • Bureau De Change
    • Shops
  • Accessibility and mobility access
    • Helpline
    • Staff Help Available
    • Induction Loop
    • Accessible Ticket Machines
    • Height Adjusted Ticket Office Counter
    • Ramp For Train Access
    • Accessible Taxis
    • Accessible Public Telephones
    • National Key Toilets
    • Step Free Access
    • Impaired Mobility Set Down
    • Wheelchairs Available
  • Car park information
    • Cycle Storage
    • CarPark
    • Rail Replacement Services
    • Taxi Rank
    • Onward Travel
  • Passenger services
    • Customer Service
    • Left Luggage
    • Lost Property

Gwybodaeth fyw am drenau sy’n gadael ac yn cyrraedd

  • Overview
    • Barry has three stations serving it - this one, Barry Docks and Cadoxton stations, as well as the nearby Barry Island Station. Opened in February 1889, this station was necessary for trains carrying coal to the docks at Barry, which, in turn, was crucial to the economy of the area. In 2014, the station was subject to a £200m regeneration plan, aiming to improve train travel in and around the capital. This led to an extra third platform and improved signalling.

      The town of Barry has several retail districts, which, alongside the gentrified and cosmopolitan Waterfront, makes it a popular place to visit for shopping, culture and nightlife.

  • How long does it take to get from Barry Station to Cardiff Airport?
    • It takes around half an hour to get from Barry Station to Cardiff Airport.

  • How long does it take to walk from Barry Station to Barry town centre?
    • Walking via Broad Street, from Barry Station to the centre of the town takes around five minutes.

  • What car parking facilities are available at Barry Station?
    • Barry Station has 110 car parking spaces, including Blue Badge spaces.

  • What facilities are there for bike storage at Barry Station?
    • There are 10 bike storage spaces at the station.

  • What other facilities are available at Barry Station?
      • Toilets
      • Station buffet
      • Coin and cards telephones
      • Disabled access - part of the station is step-free, and there are ramps and induction loops available
  • Which popular destinations can be reached from Barry Station?
  • Oeddech chi’n gwybod?
    Tocynnau Multiflex
    Yw’r tocyn Unffordd rhataf ar gyfer cannoedd o deithiau rheolaidd
    Dim ond ar gael ar ein Ap
  • Oeddech chi’n gwybod?
    Cynllunio Ymlaen Llaw, Cadw Lle
    Rydyn ni’n gwneud popeth gallwn ni i helpu pawb i deithio’n saffach ar hyn o bryd.
    Cadw seddi
  • Oeddech chi’n gwybod?
    Teithiwch yn Saffach
    Gallwch gynllunio ymlaen llaw a phenderfynu pryd i deithio gan ddefnyddio ein Gwiriwr Capasiti.
    Rhowch gynnig arni

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