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  • Kevins Blog

    Covid-19 Update | From our CEO Kevin Thomas

    As we continue to navigate through life with Covid-19 amongst us, it is encouraging to see the progress being made and some ‘green shoots’ of normality becoming visible. Thank you to all of you who have understood the challenges Covid-19 presents when running a train service, and have worked with us to follow new and emerging ways in which we now travel.

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  • Colins Christmas Blog

    Nadolig llawen

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  • Colin's Blog

    One Year In

    I can hardly believe it’s been a year since we took over the running of your rail services. It truly has been a busy year as we start implementing a huge amount of change and playing catch up for all those years of under investment.

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  • Dear Customers

    Dear Customers,

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  • Blog - Survey

    Help shape the future of travel in Wales

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  • 2020-06-15

    Day in the life | Anthony

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